Malia lapdance featuring milli millz

Beatmode presents: Lapdance by Malia featuring Milli Millz. Video directed by Justin Agustin. Set manager: Stefanie Nakamura. Secondary camera work by Stoop Life entertainment. Makeup by Alizee Moore. Hair by Tally Margullies. Produced by Dancey & Leeyou


Boy6lue's Mainchick

Boy6lue "Main Chick" featuring Genius. Beat produced by Metikulus. Video directed by Justin Agustin. Secondary Camera by Chris Bear from Stoop Life. Music video concept by Boy6lue. Hosted by VEVO.

Also on rotation on channel MUCH VIBE, request it by e-mailing



Introducing Burgundy Blak

Burgundy Blak is a new Montreal rockband. The talent consists of different artists from bands across the city, including rap artist F.R.O.S.T. The video is presented by Juggernaut Entertainment and was shot and edited by Justin Agustin alongside Yogi Bear.



Tribute to an MTL icon

"Live On" by M.A.G.N.U.M featuring Skipper Dean (produced by Dirtwork) is a tribute to Paul "Bad News Brown" Frappier. Bad News Brown was (and will forever be) a Montreal Icon. Best known for his Hip-Hop Harmonica skills, Bad News toured the world performing alongside major artists like Akon and Sean Paul. Rest In Power.

Video filmed and edited by Justin Agustin. Secondary Camera by Chris Bear and Kazaan B.



"Stuntman" by I.Blast starring Jeny Romero

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Official music video for the single "Stuntman" performed by I.Blast from Reps Up MTL. Video stars vixen Jeny Romero best known for her work in XXL Magazine, as well as Drake and Rick Ross music videos. Video directed by Justin Agustin alongside Stefanie Nakamura and Escape MTL.